“Ponti interprets the music beautifully. He brings the most modest of details out. He sees the picture he wants them to paint. They respond to the environment he creates. They are a beautifully rehearsed orchestra. It was a moving performance. So clear, so wonderful. One of the best I’ve seen so far. In less than five years, he (Ponti) will be sought by orchestras all over the country.”  Charlotte Sun, Florida


“Ponti is regarded as a rising star, someone gaining international acclaim and attention."  The Courier News, Chicago

“The orchestra is fabulous. Maestro Ponti really gets a beautiful sound, beautiful musicianship.”  Charlotte Sun, Florida

“And, of course, the biggest collaborator of all was the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Raffaele Ponti. The orchestra’s musicians were the ultimate accompaniment, accentuating each song’s moods, nuances, and sounds. The sound was superb, as was the playing, but it never overwhelmed the piano in the center of the stage…"  Buffalo News


"Ponti brings an exhilarating energy level to center stage. It's an electrifying swagger-- empowering and enabling him to pull music from light to darkness and back again."  The Courier News, Chicago

“A bold yet sensitive conductor, Ponti highlights Brahms’ interplay between the instruments, expertly balancing the sections – emphasizing the delightful winds and fine trombones while holding in check ESO’s formidable string section – to illustrate the multiple layers that make this work so sublime.”  Daily Herald, Chicago

“The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra’s concert season ended Sunday as it began in November, with a sold-out audience standing and shouting its approval.”       Charlotte Sun, Florida

  “Led by last minute replacement conductor Raffaele Ponti of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, the BPO gave an expressive performance of the achingly beautiful score (Swan Lake).”  Buffalo News

“…it’s clear he has a tremendous zest for music, an exuberance recalling both the roar and rush of a roller coaster ride.” The Courier News, Chicago

“We have a great orchestra, a great hall, a great public and a great Maestro.”       Charlotte Sun, Florida

“The music was exciting, and the performance was flawless. Ponti showed us how passionate he is about the music, and the orchestra demonstrated how committed they are to excellence.”   Billings Gazette

“Fans worldwide say that his (Ponti) passion shows.”  The Courier News, Chicago

“Eyes hold an entire ensemble. A moment passes.   Then through a series of wordless impulses, an exceptional conductor, Ponti changes the human chemistry in an orchestra and audience."  The Courier News, Chicago

“…guest conductor Raffaele Ponti, whose passionate approach to music has captured international attention.”  The Courier News, Chicago

“Heads bobbed and smiles broke out both on and off the stage Saturday night as the Billings Symphony Orchestra performed under the baton of Raffaele Ponti."       Billings Gazette

“The sound was big, and the orchestra played with great heart. By its end, musicians’ brows were wet and some members of the audience were teetering on the edge of their seats.”  Billings Gazette


What's the Buzz

David Kim: “Maestro Ponti is first and foremost, a wonderful and natural musician." 

Antonio Pompa-Baldi: "Maestro Ponti is a first-rate musician..."

Michael Ludwig: “ Raffaele brings extraordinary artistry and incredible excitement and passion to the podium..."

Ilya Kaler: "Definitely one of the most gifted conductors of his generation."

Henry Fogel: “Ponti’s conducting is expressive, clear, and emotionally communicative - frankly all the things I look for in conductors….very impressive.”

Robert Bonfiglio: "I was stunned by what an unbelievable conductor he is; wonderful, dazzling, exciting."

Jeffrey Biegel: "His work is fresh, well prepared, inspiring, and sensitive."

Giorgio Leardini: "His conducting technique shows elegance and confidence. He has all the qualifications to achieve a brilliant career."

Eugene Gratovich: "Maestro Raffaele Ponti is an outstanding musician and conductor. He has the highest professional standards. He is a conductor with whom musicians wish to make music."